Richard Clayderman – A Comme Amour(音乐会现场)

2013年1月1日 理查德·克莱德曼(1953, Paris, France) 中国巡演20年纪念音乐会演出 – 上海站

Genres : Instrumental pop ,Classical,Easy listening,Semi-classical

不禁感叹一声,“岁月不饶人”也许大多数欣赏Clayderman那Easy listening风格的中国爱好者,脑中对他的印象还停留在“白色的西装,白色的钢琴,年轻的脸庞”上吧


这里附上一段今天拍的A Comme Amour的视频。

His style and particularly his song “A Comme Amour” have a cult following in Asia – every new China Mobile SIM-card purchased in Shanghai since 2006 has this song as the default ringback tone when calling other subscribers.



Auld lang syne

有太多版本了,Leo Sayer,B.B King,Boney M,Jimi Hendrix等等等,但是这里只用了清唱版本,少了合唱,乐器等等加入后的效果,但是多的是在这个浮躁的社会下,静下来的心和对歌词的倾听。

只要youku,baidu一下Auld lang syne我相信一定能得到更多的经典。


“Auld Lang Syne” is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song.

Traditional Use:to celebrate the start of the New Year at the stroke of midnight  



 Auld lang syne

最后附上电影#魂断蓝桥#Waterloo Bridge#(Auld lang syne为主题曲)


Scarborough Fair/Canticle (斯卡伯勒集市) (ballad)

“Scarborough Fair/Canticle”

Single by Simon & Garfunkel

from the album Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Released : February 1968 (Single release. LP release October 10, 1966)

Format : 7″ single Recorded July 26, 1966

Genre : Folk rock, baroque pop

Length : 3:10

Label : Columbia Records

Producer : Bob Johnston

traditional ballad of Great Britain and more precisely Yorkshire


作为一首无比经典的民谣,个人是把歌词当做诗词来背诵的,至于各种反战元素,需要自己感悟,那样才会最深刻。估计在The Graduate观影后会做一个总结。


A version published in 1889 is typical of modern versions:  





The Sound Of Silence

Paul Simon and Garfunkel 

Released September 1965

Format 7″ single

Recorded March 10, 1964 (main track); June 15, 1965 (overdub)

Genre Folk rock

Length 3:05

Label Columbia

Writer(s) Paul Simon

Producer Tom Wilson


“The Sound of Silence” was originally called “The Sounds of Silence” and is titled that way on the early albums in which it appeared and on the first single release; only on later compilations was it retitled “The Sound of Silence”. Both the singular and the plural appear in the lyrics. In his book Lyrics 1964–2008 Simon has the title in the singular.




(Paul Simon 911 十周年) (2003 live) (钢琴)

You Are My Sunshine

(非原版,找不到Jimmie Davis的音频,用了支持率比较高的Johnny Cash(February 26, 1932)版本)

Written by Oliver Hood, member of “Rice Brothers’ Gang” (Paul Rice, Riley Puckett, Oliver Hood, Pud Brown)

Published 1939 , Written 1933

Language : English

Form : Ballad

Original artist : Pine Ridge Boys (1939)

Recorded by Rice Brothers Gang (1939) Jimmie Davis (1940)

Two versions of “You Are My Sunshine” were recorded and released prior to Jimmie Davis’s version.Davis and Charles Mitchell are the credited songwriters of “You Are My Sunshine”.

Jimmie Davis版本视频在这里:


It has been declared one of the state songs of Louisiana as a result of its association with former state governor and country music singer Jimmie Davis.Davis emphasized his association with the song when running for governor, singing it at all his campaign rallies, while riding on a horse named “Sunshine”.




You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away

Daddy Cool (Boney M. song)

Daddy Cool (Boney M. song)

Single by Boney M.

from the album Take The Heat Off Me

Released : 31 May 1976

Genre : Euro disco


Writer(s) : Farian, Reyam

Producer : Frank Farian

The bass riff kicks in and builds to the instrumental theme followed by the repetitive, nursery rhyme-like verse and chorus twice.

The song breaks-down into a spoken passage by Farian before it goes back into the bass riff and repeats the verse and chorus for the last time.

With its slightly hypnotic, repetitive bassline and strings and likewise repetitive, bright female vocals, the track is highly typical of mid-seventies “Munich disco”.

About Euro disco

Euro disco was not as funky, more pop oriented, and less soul influenced than American styled disco. European acts Silver Convention, Love and Kisses, Munich Machine, and American acts Donna Summer and the Village People, were acts that defined the late 1970s Eurodisco sound.