Angie – The Rolling Stones

Single by The Rolling Stones from the album Goats Head Soup

Released : 20 August 1973

Writer(s) : Mick Jagger /Keith Richards

Recorded : November–December 1972

Genre : Rock

Length : 4:33

piano accompaniment : Nicky Hopkins

歌词似在叙述一对将要分开之人感情的体现。Mick Jagger的vocal配上此歌举足轻重的钢琴伴奏,只有赞叹了。

一些资料:”Angie” is an acoustic guitar driven ballad which tells of the end of a romance.The song was written almost entirely both lyrically and musically by Keith Richards and in Richards’ own biography he claims that the name Angie is a pseudonym for heroin and his attempt to quit while detoxing in Switzerland.  Keith Richards自称是为表达自己试图远离毒品的情绪所写的音乐与歌词。

维基说Angie所指的普遍认为是David Bowie’s 的第一任妻子 Angela 甚至有可能是女星Angie Dickinson.少数认为是关于Richards刚出生的女儿Dandelion Angela的。个人认为前后两种可能都不大吧,Angela Bowie本人似乎多次说过与她无关,Jagger和Keith也没有提到过此人。又看到第一版本是写为Anita,后Keith认为发音不太好才改为Angie,当时正好是其女儿出生时,这点可能有关联。


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