A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles

The title comes from a Ringo Starr malapropism, the product of a marathon recording session. Lennon was fond of these Ringoisms and wrote the song over-night. Said Lennon, “The only reason [Paul] sang on it was because I couldn’t reach the notes.

Ringoisms,高端,Shinejitsisms is okay. 非常clear的歌词,不过我们绝想不到各种work like a dog的场景-_-,在这样一个时代,回看美国过去50年,那种生活,其实还是很向往的,虽然绝大多数人是不能因为自己喜欢什么就去做什么的,也没有这个机会去打破各种shackles。但是总有”When I’m home ev’rything seems to be right” 。


1964年,Director:Richard Lester


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