Daddy Cool (Boney M. song)

Daddy Cool (Boney M. song)

Single by Boney M.

from the album Take The Heat Off Me

Released : 31 May 1976

Genre : Euro disco


Writer(s) : Farian, Reyam

Producer : Frank Farian

The bass riff kicks in and builds to the instrumental theme followed by the repetitive, nursery rhyme-like verse and chorus twice.

The song breaks-down into a spoken passage by Farian before it goes back into the bass riff and repeats the verse and chorus for the last time.

With its slightly hypnotic, repetitive bassline and strings and likewise repetitive, bright female vocals, the track is highly typical of mid-seventies “Munich disco”.

About Euro disco

Euro disco was not as funky, more pop oriented, and less soul influenced than American styled disco. European acts Silver Convention, Love and Kisses, Munich Machine, and American acts Donna Summer and the Village People, were acts that defined the late 1970s Eurodisco sound.

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